Our Vision

At LaFrance Medical Aesthetics, our goal is to provide exceptional care in a comfortable, low-stress medical environment. Dr. LaFrance offers many of today’s most popular cosmetic treatments, such as Botox®, dermal fillers, Fraxel™ Dual, Clear + Brilliant®, laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal. Incorporating cutting-edge techniques, high standards for safety and efficacy, and congenial individualized care, our staff have the advanced skills to offer you high-quality service at every stage of your treatment plan.

At LaFrance Medical Aesthetics, our first concern is to fully understand your condition and goals. This not only gives us the knowledge necessary to create your treatment plan, it also allows us to educate you regarding various treatment options. We believe the success to any treatment is a collaborative effort between the patient and our professional staff.



With over 25 years’ experience in medicine, and over six years in aesthetics, Dr. Jeffrey LaFrance has dedicated his practice to the specialty of aesthetic medicine and non-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation. Having performed hundreds of Fraxel Dual laser treatments and thousands more injectable procedures, he has the skills and experience to support his reputation.


Medical procedures like fillers and neurotoxins should always be performed in a clean medical environment to ensure proper preparation, sterility and universal precautions. Every medical procedure at our facility is performed, or directly overseen, by Dr. LaFrance to achieve optimal results while minimizing risk.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Whether it’s the latest laser system or utilizing a micro cannula, Dr. LaFrance carefully selects which tools will benefit his patients most in efficacy and safety. His guiding rule: choose only technologies that he would consider using on himself, staff or family members. Realizing that a device alone does not provide results, Dr. LaFrance focuses on how a technology is best used for optimal treatment.

Patient Care

We focus on patient education and support. Dr. LaFrance and his team know that the key to achieving natural, safe results is to communicate with patients, reviewing medical and cosmetic history and providing necessary and relevant information. We also understand that every patient is unique and may have a different viewpoint on looking their best. For one person this might mean choosing a few, simple skin care products; for someone else, it may mean getting regular laser and injectable treatments.