At LaFrance Medical Aesthetics, we provide skin rejuvenation options to help you remove those unwanted spots.

How It Works

Due to high energy in a single wavelength, lasers are able to treat a specific target based on their color. Laser spot removal procedures vary depending on what is being treated and anatomical location.  For example, the Alex Trivantage Q-switched laser can be used to precisely remove individual brown spots. A pulse dye laser, the VBeam Perfecta, is often used for vascular red spots, cherry angiomas and spider veins.  More diffuse patches of hyperpigmentation or melasma are better treated with the Fraxel™ Dual or Clear + Brilliant™/Permea laser systems.

What To Expect

How It Feels

Sometimes described as a “snapping rubber band,” usually there is minimal discomfort for individual spots. Any stinging or discomfort quickly subsides right after treatment.

Treatment Time

15 -30 minutes, depending on the number of spots and treatment area.


After effects will vary depending upon what is treated and anatomical location. For individual brown spots, there is some redness, followed by a darker crust with flaking off and clearing in the days to follow. Red spots will often be more red or purple like a bruise initially, followed by gradually clearing over several days.


Many spots clear with one treatment, however depending on the type, size and depth, multiple subsequent treatments may be required.

Technology Used

Candela Alex Trivantage, V Beam Perfecta, Picoway.

Laser Treatment for Brown Spots

Before Treatment

After Treatment


Before Treatment

After Treatment