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New beginnings

  •  Start the new year with healthy eating habits.
  • ProLon’s innovative 5 Day Kit allows you to enjoy specially designed food with essential nutrition– without activating your body’s food sensing system.
  • The result? Your body “thinks” it’s on a fast.

A healthier, happier you

  • ProLon is backed by 20 years of scientific research.
  • Designed to help you lose weight, belly fat, and rejuvenate cells for healthy aging!

What is ProLon?

ProLon is a 5 day restricted calorie, plant -based meal program designed to mimic fasting.

Here is a breakdown of how the plan works

Day 1- The body transforms to fasting and fat burning state

Day 2- Fat-burning ramps up and ketogenesis begins

Day 3- Triggers autophagy (the clean up of cellular debris), ketogenesis continues

Day 4- Cellular Rejuvenation, and still more ketogenesis

Day 5- You guessed it- ketogenesis and cellular renewal which continues beyond!